Frequently Asked Questions


How can I take care of my leather watch strap and/or my leather belt?

To best protect and prolong the quality of your leather bracelets, we recommend that you use:
  • a cleaning glycerin soap: to dab delicately with a soft cloth then rub. Do not add water.
  • a nourishing cream: apply with a soft bristle brush then shine with a clean cloth.
To apply on smooth, grained or oily leathers and exotic leathers. Do not use for velvet, nubuck and smooth finish leathers. Do not expose your leather watch strap to moisture and water.

How can I change my watch strap?

Our watch straps are made with interchangeable clasps. You can quickly and easily change your watch strap as you wish.

How can I change my belt buckle?

Unscrew the rivet, remove the leather belt end, insert your new buckle, refold the end of the leather belt, insert the rivet and screw it back on.