Committed group
and responsible

Since 2011, we have been committed to Corporate Social Responsibility based on the ISO 26 000 standard. This standard results in the committed CSR label issued by Afnor.

Responsible, Ethical Sourcing

We audit our suppliers in order to guarantee a reasoned, ethical, and ecological supply and to ensure traceability.

We regularly consult with our suppliers to ensure that their manufacturing and production processes are evolving in order to limit the environmental impact.

Every day, we are proud to contribute to the evolution of the leather industry in an ethical and responsible way.


Groupe Créations Perrin is committed to a Corporate Social Responsibility approach
Companies and wants to respond to the strategic challenges of tomorrow and the expectations of its parties significant stakeholders by implementing the following axes in its organization:

Quality policy (Switzerland) Quality policy


Implement expanded governance

Develop our governance model by opening up decision-making processes to some of our stakeholders.


Have a strong territorial anchor

Manufacture our products and recruit our craftsmen locally (on our 4 French and Swiss sites), open the doors of our workshops to the public, supporting local associations.


Take care of the human

Listen to our colleagues and implement place of actions in favor of Quality of Life in Work.


Listening to customers and consumers

Suggest new materials in order to adapt to new modes of consumption and work in team on an eco-designed bracelet project.


Act for the protection of environment and biodiversity

Reduce our environmental impacts and in particular our consumption of fossil fuels (our GHG emissions) and our production of waste. Encourage the transition to mobility sustainable (making it possible to reduce the impact of means of transport used on the environment). Participate in the preservation of biodiversity.


Promoting CSR in the value chain

Ensure, through our CSR audits, good practices in our suppliers, particularly with regard to the traceability and safety of materials. Practice a responsible purchasing policy.

We are convinced that moving forward together on these themes will make it possible to derive great benefits and to perpetuate the activities of the group!