Watch straps

Since its creation, Groupe Créations Perrin has never stopped evolving, preserving the steps used by master saddlers while integrating new technologies, thus allowing us to meet your needs for adapted materials.

We guarantee excellent products that are entirely handmade.

Cut Edge Straps

The “straight cut” finish, in the purest tradition of the art of saddlery, means that the edges of the strap are cut with a tool. The raw edge is then stained, waxed, or varnished for better protection and quality.

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Turned Edge Straps

As the name says, the edge of the strap is turned. It is covered by the material of the top of the strap, the envelope, and is then tucked under the lining. The edge is thus covered with the same material as the envelope.
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Watch Straps

Entirely handcrafted by passionate craftsmen who pay attention to every detail, the watch straps take time, patience, and a unique skillset to make.

From the choice of the most refined leatherware to its packaging, over 80 manual steps are needed to craft a watch strap.

Our straps are carefully controlled while they are being crafted and once they are finished. From unique items to long runs, our watch strap workshops allow us to respond to a wide variety of requests with adapted production constraints in order to bring your project to life.

Sur mesure

Nos équipes maroquiniers modélisent vos projets pour donner vie à vos envies.

À partir d'un croquis, d'une image, elles le transforment en une réalité, d'un geste de maroquinier. Dans nos ateliers, chaque étape de fabrication est minutieusement contrôlée pour ne laisser aucuns détail au hasard.

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